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    Apartments "Villa IVA-ALLA", Trogir, Chiovo.

    Distance from cities:
    Trogir - 4 km
    Split - 28 km
    Shibenik - 60 km
    Zadar - 130 km
    Zagreb - 380 km
    Dubrovnik - 250 km
    Split Airport - 8 km

    We invite You to stay in private apartments "Villa IVA-ALLA" in our nice villa on the island of Ciovo, near the city of Trogir.

    On the island between the mainland and the island of Ciovo is a beautiful old Trogir, founded in the III century BC This place in Croatia, can be called a museum city.

    It is located on an island which is connected to the mainland by two bridges. Trogir is famous for its architecture and stone carvings, rich with many museums and churches, and the main value is the Cathedral XIII-XVI centuries. In the Romanesque style.

    City is listed by UNESCO as monuments of world culture. This medieval town is so cozy and charming, that romantic walk along his streets and the waterfront is endless.

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